Hear What Our Participants Say

  • “After many years of attending a coaches clinic at the same location in Cherry Hill under different ownership, I didn’t know what to expect from this newly formed clinic. The clinic offered an All-Star cast of fantastic speakers all of whom are dynamic leaders of top flight NCAA college programs as well as some other outstanding baseball organizations. I really learned a lot and enjoyed the intimate setting that afforded open question and answer dialogue while presentations were in progress. The level of passion for baseball on behalf of the speakers was apparent to me and if you share that passion for the game, then this is the place to be. As a self proclaimed ‘baseball junkie’ I intend to go back next year.”

    Scott Illiano
  • “My coaching staff had a very good experience. Bakich, Lee and Jackson were the best presenters that I saw—they understood that most of the audience were high school coaches and they tailored their presentation to include information that can be used at that level. That was appreciated. The overall positive atmosphere was great—my staff will definitely return next year.”

    David Savino
  • “The speakers were amazing this year! Next year will be even better as I know that they are already planning a bigger event with more exhibitors and the same quality of presenters.”

    Paul Koeck Attendee
  • “The best clinic I’ve been to so far. All of the speakers were insightful and brought meaningful information to the table.”

    Christopher Banos Attendee
  • “Again, thank you very much for the invitation and opportunity to come out to your first class event. Everything was well run and went smoothly. And you treated us like royalty. Thanks for the entire experience. Hope to do it again one day!”

    Tyler Kincaid Kansas State University
  • "FlightScope Baseball is a tracking technology baseball brand and it is natural for us to be at the Inside Baseball Coaches Clinic where we can showcase our brand and connect with the sharpest and brightest minds in the game. Our participation reinforces how committed we are to providing the future of baseball analytics for next-level player development. Each year, Inside Baseball Coaches Clinic has an astounding level of innovative college baseball coaches as speakers. It is the ultimate learning experience.”

    David Mayberry FlightScope Baseball
  • "I was honored to share the stage with some really talented coaches at The Inside Baseball Coaches Clinic. I had a great time interacting with the coaches(attendees) that were there and wanted to learn baseball. Clinics like these prepare you for the upcoming season, very valuable tool in our coaching profession."

    John McCormack Florida Atlantic University
  • “JJ Abbott and the Inside Baseball Coaches’ Clinic that was held in Los Angeles this weekend was like being at the ABCA Convention. The speakers that JJ put together for this event were outstanding. I am in my 41st year of coaching baseball and I learned a lot from the coaches who spoke at this event. I would definitely go to another clinic that JJ has set up. It was very informative and very organized.”

    Patrick Bailey Oregon State University
  • “Got presenters that were easily approachable. The small rooms made it even more interactive. Kevin Schnall was one of the best presenters I have seen in the 24 years I have attended baseball clinics. Everything was covered, from base running to outfield play, with the opportunity to see sessions you might have missed.”

    Christopher Michie
  • “The Inside Baseball Coaches Clinic covered all areas of the game with many of the greatest baseball minds in the college game today. The coaches are knowledgeable, passionate and accessible. They understand many of the challenges facing the high school game today and offer outstanding ways to translate and modify their successful programs, routines and drills to the realities and comparatively limited resources of high school baseball.”

    Bryan Young Attendee
  • “Loved the selection of speakers. Some of the best coaches representing the top college programs. It was refreshing to hear some new and innovative approaches to the game.”

    Benjamin Battiste
  • “In my 20 years as a High School coach, I’ve never been to a clinic quite like this one. [IBCC] did a outstanding job getting the best young baseball minds in college baseball to present. I can’t wait to see who speaks next year. Me and my staff will definitely be at Cherry Hill next year!”

    Christopher Roof
  • “Excellent speakers with a nice mix of traditional information and new concepts. All bases were covered from the mental game, practice planning, offense and defensive sides of the ball.”

    Craig Goldberg
  • “Thanks for everything this weekend, had a blast. You run a first class organization. Please let me know of any future events and how I can help.”

    TJ Bruce University of Nevada
  • “The Inside Coaches Clinic is one of the finer events I have had the fortune of attending since becoming a college coach. JJ runs a first class event, with first class information, and first class coaches. If you are a coach on the east coast, this a must attend event.”

    Skylar Meade University of South Carolina
  • “Clinic was great! Great presenters, hotel was great, also some of best high school coaches in the West were present.”

    Jay Johnson University of Arizona
  • “Inside Baseball Coaches Clinic is a phenomenal experience! IBCC gets great speakers who are passionate about the game and eager to help. The event is informative and a comfortable forum to discuss all aspects of baseball. I recommend the clinic to any coach, player, fan or parent who want to enhance their knowledge of the game.”

    Kevin Drumgoole Attendee
  • “This clinic was a great experience! Would highly recommend this to any youth, high school, or independent baseball coach. It was awesome to hear directly from some of the best, most experienced college baseball coaches and baseball minds out there!”

    Nick Berg
  • “The convention offered outstanding coaches from all areas of the game. Each presentation was insightful, and very engaging. If you are a baseball coach at any level, and are looking to learn from some of the best baseball minds in the industry, I would highly recommend attending. Will definitely be back.”

    Mathew Rago
  • “Outstanding speakers, small enough to talk with speakers after sessions, plenty of room to move around hotel and check out vendors!!”

    Todd Lampman
  • "...We have a better than average understanding of what it takes to present one of these shows and Inside Baseball Clinic was a job well done. From the attendee point of view, there was a constant buzz of excitement regarding the high-quality speakers you brought together. The event was successful beyond our expectations affording the opportunity to meet with existing customers and providing an excellent environment to introduce our company to new customers while securing viable leads. We look forward to an equally successful experience at the 2018 show!”

    Denise Pierce Sales | Tradeshow Coordinator, Beam Clay® | Partac Peat Corporation
  • "Want to thank you for this clinic. We won HS state championship in Maryland. Your clinic has been a huge help."

    Brian Femi Attendee
  • "The Inside Baseball Coaches Clinic was a great weekend of bringing some of the top college baseball coaches to one place. The interaction with high school coaches in the area was invaluable and was a great way to start off the season.”

    Eddie Smith Tulane University
  • “I thought everything was very professional and properly ran . Hotel was great , along with the overall experience , I appreciate you having me!”

    Sam Peraza San Diego State